My review about The Amazing Spider-Man movie

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This is my little review of The Amazing Spider-Man movie:

I saw it yesterday and I'm a pretty confused.

As a movie it is really good but as a Spidey movie I'm not satisfied.

There were parts of the story that didn't like me completely, besides they extended too much in the Peter Parker story. Of course that interests me but as a Spider-Man fan what I mostly want to see is the action scenes and the actor in the suit.

I was almost an hour waiting to see those scenes and the suit to show up. About that, they didn't show how Peter created it, something that was shown in the first movie.

I watched it in 3D and there were amazing scenes, like the moments you felt you were spider-man, and the takes of New York city were amazing. The action scenes (when they show up) were too fast and I couldn't see all the moves clearly, and there were too many techonological things for being Spidey.

About the villain, I didn't like it. If there's something I really like about de first three movies are how real the villains are (except Venom, but that is another topic). I saw the lizard not natural, I was expecting another thing, maybe somehting a little more real.

Another thing I didn't like was the fact that (almost) everybody knew who Spider-Man is. He told to the girlfriend, he showed his face to his father-in-law.

The no inclusion of J.Jonah Jameson was like Harry Potter whithout Dumbledore.

For me, the primal difference with the trilogy is the naturalness. The first three movies took me to the Spidey's world, I even thought everything was real. That didn't happend with The Amazing Spider-Man.

I didn't expect to see another today movie, I wanted to see Spider-Man.

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I agree to a point.

This didn't feel like the Spider Man we know, and because of that, the movie was way less enjoyable to me.

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Yea it couldve used JJJ and a lot more swinging around outside. But it wasnt bad.

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In the comics he told Gwen plus (SPOILER AHEAD)____________________________________________________________Captain Stacey died so that doesn't matter now. And JJJ could have been in but didnt really spoil. I personally thought it was much better than the original films (mainly cause Garfield was more convincing that Maguire) but each to there own and I'm looking forward to a sequel (just hope it's not boringly called Amazing Spider-Man 2)

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