My Non-Movie Review of the New Amazing Spider-Man Movie!

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When I heard the word that a new, “Non-Sam Raimi”, Spidey flick was in the works, I have to be honest as a nerd, I wasn't that excited. It's sad really …how quickly many nerds abandoned Raimi after the 3rd movie. How quickly they forget how successful Spider-Man 1 & 2 were and how they both helped usher in a new era of comic book films. What is really sad is that Raimi was not entirely to blame for the 3rd film turning out the way it did. The studios love to mess with and kick around their directors just to show them who is really in control and Sony is no exception. Usually it's Fox who can really destroy of film by micro managing it. For a good example of that watch the special features from the Alien 3 Quadrilogy Box Set. But in this case it was Sony who really pushed to have Venom in the film even though Raimi was not sold on the idea and had already had a script with the Sandman in it. What resulted was less than ideal. But despite that, Raimi’s run on Spider-Man was awesome.

Yet even though I liked Raimi’s films, I am still okay with any comic book character getting rebooted after a director leaves because this is kind of what happens in the comic world as well. We get ret-cons, reboots, retellings, re-dos and alternated universes versions all the time. Some new writer/artist gets a new idea for a look or story angle and off they go with a new take on a beloved character. It’s only natural that movies follow suit with this sort of thing as well. In Japanese anime this happens all the time. The new version of an old anime may even have the exact same voice cast as the old take on the characters. They simply just say this story is a new take and is not related to the old version and go on from there. Often the success or failure of rebooting a franchise is more about the take they choose to make and the timing than it is anything else. This is my concern for the new film Amazing Spider-Man.

The new Take? From all that I have read and seen, this new film has decided to revisit the origin story of Spider-Man. Not so new, yet a very difficult task to undertake. If the film tries too hard to distinguish itself from Raimi’s film we may get a Spider-Man that does not resemble the comic but if it does not distinguish itself in a strong enough way this new film doesn’t make its own mark. That is a tough place to be. We see this struggle play out with some of the choices the film has made. Things like: adding back the web shooters; picking Gwen Stacy over MJ as the love interest; making Peter less nerd and more modern teenage hoodie hip; and adding a really awesome cast of actors. Quite the heroic choice. The film makers really have to web shoot there way over several hurdles to beat out or compete with summer films that don’t have as much baggage to contend with. After all that, with a sprained ankle it would still have to stick the landing and we haven’t even touched on the timing of this film.

The timing is kind of off for the new Amazing Spider-Man to come out right now. Why would a studio choice to put this film between not only the Avengers movie but up against the final Nolan Batman Film as well? Do we need to have every comic movie go head to head in order to do well and make money? Does it have to come out right in the middle of summer? Why not hold off and put it out in November when Harry Potter use to rake in the dough? It never seem to hurt that movie franchise to have its run at the end of November and roll into the December winter holiday season. When good films are released so close to one another and with money being tight in a down economy movie audiences have to make tighter choices on which films will get their money. People make quick lists of which films they want to see and with Spiderman’s baggage it quickly falls down on the list under the Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers.

With movies being 10 dollar or more that puts Spidey at the 30 Dollar mark in movie money spent in the summer. I want to see it. I really do. But, I only have so much money to spend. I don't think with reviews like: "it's good but not greater than or equal to The Avengers movie" .... are going to make me part with my money anytime soon. Unfortunately Spidey, I’m going to have to catch you on Netflix.

I hope Amazing Spider-Man does enough money to justify a sequel! I am pretty sure that that one stands a better chance of being watched higher on my list than this one does with all the competition this new one has this year. Anyhow... I wish you well Spidey and great new cast members but unless their having a free screening at Comic Con 2012 I am okay waiting to check you out at a later date. My wallet is very okay with it!

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