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Just one chance... That's all Peter Parker has to win back Mary Jane Watson, the love of his life. Tired of playing second fiddle, to Peter's heroic responsibilities as Spider-Man, Mary Jane left him for a new life in Los Angeles. Now, she's back in New York -- for one night only -- and Peter has the chance to make things right. But when Spider-Man becomes embroiled in a battle against the child-abducting menace called the Shade, the opportunity slips from his desperate grasp. Or does it? With Aunt May in tow, Peter heads west for one last try at redemption. In California, the unexpected appearance of Doctor Octopus draws Spider-Man into a grudge match between the tentacled terror and a mysterious upstart armed with Otto Octavius's own mechanical appendages. Caught in the crossfire, Peter faces a gut-wrenching choice: pursuing a normal life with Mary Jane or donning his costume to save innocent civilians at risk. Stood up once again, will Mary Jane turn her back on the hero for good?

Spider-Man jets to the West Coast in search of his estranged love, Mary Jane. There, he'll encounter moronic actors, a very angry Aunt May and not one, but two Doctor Octopuses.

Collects Amazing Spider-Man (2nd series) #40-45.

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