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"Watch it will you? You Almost hit me!"

*Short review*

This comic is dated but a fun read after so many years.  This is not a comic where you can just pick it up and expected quality.  Comics where different in 1991. This comic is classic early 90s cheese, but I love it! Spider-man with his corny comments and fights that were cool, this comic is something I would read to my kid(s) if I had some. 

*Extended review*

The problem with reading back issues is the adds and what affect they have on the reader.  The ad on the back of the cover page is for Burger King Kids Club and now I think of some of the Burger Kings I've been two over the many years. I really like Burger King.  For those who read my reviews more frequently would remember my Batman #700 review was BK inspired... I wonder if these ads acutally effect us?  So could this PSA comic be why I never have been in an accident that was my fault to this date? *Knock on wood*
Being from Toronto it is nice this comic is set in my home city. The Rogers Centre (Sky Dome at the time) and the CN Tower are nice touches.  I personally hate the legendary "Silver Snail" that also makes an appearance in this comic.  The nicest cameos are the Metro Toronto police and BJ the Blue Jay. 
I only counted three PSA one page mini comics: The first one dealing with bike safety equipment as well as bike maintenance.  The next  PSA is about Stop signs, traffic laws and arm signaling. The last of the PSA pages is about signs such as traffic lights and railway crossing. Outside of those three pages this comic is not much of a PSA for safe bicycle use, there is a bit of it in the comic, but the meat of the comic is Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.
 Warning from the Ghost Rider.
Stay safe!
- Silkcuts
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Posted by Liberty

I actually have this book but haven't read it.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Liberty:  That is awesome! I am so glad I reviewed it then.  If you get to reading it, tell me your take of it.
Edited by Liberty

I will but it may be a while on this one.   It is not on the top of my to read list. =]  However, it is higher than it was. =]  By the way I love that clip you put in.  Very funny.

Posted by Trodorne

I remember this issue back when i was younger. this was up there with Dr.Jay mini comics. this also reminds me of the anti-drug campaign they had with the chameleon they had. good review.

Posted by Silkcuts
@Trodorne:  Thanks :D

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