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To face off against an amped-up HOBGOBLIN, you need an amped-up SPIDER-MAN! What's the story behind Spidey's NEW SUIT? What is it and what can it do? Meanwhile, MACH 5 (from THE THUNDERBOLTS) faces off against one of Spidey's deadliest foes! All this, and a secret side mission for THE BLACK CAT. Plus an additional 8 page story: We showed you who was behind the HOBGOBLIN'S mask last issue. But what were they up to BEFORE their startling return? Here's where you find out!

Hobgoblin has Spider-man down defeated!! Bella Fishbach plays a Lady GaGa song on her phone and it affects the new Hobgoblin as it interuptts his sonic scream, this now gives Peter time to get back up and fight the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin flee's the scene telling them he will be back. Spider-Man tracks him down They fight and the Hobgoblin wins and leaves with reverium.

Max Modell cannot find Peter so he has to open up Peters lab and find's him in his underware working on a project. At the Fisk Building, the Hobgoblin enters holding the reverbium. The Kingpin then tells the Hobgoblin that he is now his man. At the Horizon labs the rest of the reverbium is being destroyed, as it seems to be a very powerful weapon.

Peter is talking to Black Cat and he is asking her if she can help him track down this new Hobgoblin. She agrees to the task. At the Daily Bugle Phil Urich aka Hobgoblin has footage of him in action and gives it to the girl of his dream's Norah Winters, so it can help her with her Hobgoblin story. At Horizon labs Peter is working on his project. He gets a call from the Black Cat. She tells him she has a man caught and is hoping that the new Hobgoblin comes to get him.

When Hobgoblin arrives he kills the man. Beside Black Cat a package drops beside her from Spider-man. It contains goggles and a ear piece. When she puts them on she can now see Spider-man in his new suit. The suit warps stealth and light. They then leave in a hope of stopping the new Hobgoblin.

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