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As mass murder Cletus Kassidy is being taken taken to Seattle to have his symbiote removed from his blood, he manages to use his filed down tooth to draw enough blood to form his symbiote and begins a battle with the Guardsmen in his mobile transport. He then kills the accompanying scientist and prepares to kill the escorting officers, but is confronted by Spider-Man who has followed to assure he doesn't escape. He unfortunately is forced to let him go when his thermocanon is destroyed and is forced to decide between saving the injured officers or his pursuit, deciding to save their lives and tagging his escaping police car with a spider-tracer.Carnage then ditches the police car much to Spider-Man's frustration, while Carnage tracks down his first friend Billy, to murder him and set up a new pattern for himself.Spider-Man fortunately uses his spider-sense to find and save him from Carnage, with the two renewing their fight in a lumber mill. They battle until Spider-Man is thrown into a barrel of resin impeding his speed, as Carnage prepares to kill the wall crawler, however Billy returns to stop his former friend. However he is prepared to be killed with Carnage removing his symbiote to prove it's him who wants to kill his friend, with Cletus hen being knocked out by Spider-Man.Carnage is then imprisoned in the Vault, in a microwave generator cell to stop his symbiote, while he decides not to try and escape to continue to be unpredictable.

In the Eastside, Cloak and Dagger infiltrate and begin taking down a drug refining plant, as Dagger wonders what has brought about Cloak's highly aggressive actions. However when confronted by more armed men Cloak teleports them out as he fears for her safety, even though he refuses to admit it. They then return to finish the cartel,but Cloak's anxiety to protect Dagger nearly leads to the death of innocent bystanders who are only saved by Dagger. Seeing this he flees to the Holy Ghost Church with Dagger eventually finding him, and Cloak admitting what's bothered him.

As the powerless Joe Smith rides through New York's subway on his way to work at the Children's Center, however upon arriving he finds it has been robbed with all the equipment taken or destroyed.He then decides he must be a hero and clean up his neighborhood, and dons his old costume. He quickly ends up in a fight with three thugs, and as they prepare to kill him the crowd of onlookers inspired chases the gang off.

In the Manhattan apartment of the Rhino's mother and niece the three arrive to find they have been robbed, with his niece finding the locket her mother had given her has been stolen. He then makes her a promise to retrieve it,he then suits up and heads for a shady bar,and retrieving the locket.As he returns the locket he also brings enough money to bring about the rest of their family.however his furious mother throws him from the apartment for his stealing.

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