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At the start of this issue, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are walking around together, since they haven't seen each other for months. Peter thinks to himself that he's not going to let Spider-Man come between them again. After a bit, the two leave, and Peter heads to the Daily Bugle, to try and get some money. After being told that there's a riot at the prison, Peter demands to J. Jonah Jameson that he be given a staff photographer position, as opposed to being a freelance photographer. Eventually, Jameson agrees, and Peter goes off to take pictures of the prison riot.

When Spider-Man arrives at the prison and questions a prisoner, he finds out that the prisoners aren't getting proper rights, and that a prisoner named Turpo is discussing them with the warden whilst the riot's going on. However, when Spider-Man reaches the warden's office, he finds out that Turpo doesn't care about the prisoners, and is just using the riot to cover his own escape.

Spider-Man bursts in and takes out Turpo, followed by two of his men. He then explains to the rioting prisoners that Turpo was just using the riot to cover for his escape. Although the prisoners are skeptical at first, another prisoner who had been in the warden's office confirms this, and tells the prisoners that the warden has agreed to help them with their problems, if they stop rioting.

As Spider-Man returns to the Daily Bugle, a man calls out to him from his window. Upon Spider-Man getting closer, the man tells him that he wants Spider-Man on his TV show that night, as a guest star. Spider-Man agrees then keeps going to the Bugle, thinking that he'll use the money to have a good time with Gwen. However, at the Bugle he's told that payday isn't until Friday.

When Spider-Man gets to the TV studio, he demonstrates a few tricks to prove that he's the real Spider-Man, but then the police arrive, since they have a warrant for his arrest. Spider-Man has to leave before he gets captured, and goes to Gwen Stacy's house. When Peter gets there, he apologizes to Gwen, since he had been planning on going out somewhere with her that night, but can't because he's broke. However, Gwen tells Peter that she had no intentions of going out, and that they're going to spend the night at her place.

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