kfhrfdu_89_76k's The Amazing Spider-Man #93 - The Lady and the Prowler review

An excellently compressed story, that wouldn`t have had needed compressing. Frankly, it hurt it.

Yes indeed. The art looks fantastic. Dynamic, smooth, romantic and pleasant. But, as for the plot and dia- & monologue...I`m off two minds.

First off, there`s a scene with Gwen. That`s good. The Peter comes in, and something weird happens: I actually got a "what the-!"-reaction. To silver age comics writing (it`s unusual of me). It was this bit, that gave me the feeling:

Peter: I can`t ask you-to stay here-to stay with me.

(No, it`s not that. It`s corny, and a bit stupid, but it`s not that.)

Gwen: Can`t? Of course you can. What you meanis--you wont.

It`s all right Peter. I-understand. I shouldn`t have--thrown myself at you that way. I`m--very tired. Do you mind if--I don`t see you--to the door?

That. The guy obviously loves her, and she says something like that! Well, she was going trough a trauma, though. Maybe I`m over reacting.

After that, there`s angst, Prowler decides to bring Spidey to justice (Spidey was thought to be a murderer at the time. Do remember, that it hadn`t happened before, so it`s not a cliché yet.), and then there`s a bit more angst. And four pages of Prowler fighting Spider-man.



Yes. FOUR.

I mean...Prowler was SO gonna take web head DOWN, and instead he loses after four pages... Romita, Lee...Wouldn`t a two-parter issue had had been a much wiser solution?

Well, after that, the thing is wrapped up, and the story ends catastrophically (for Petey).

What do I think? I think that...It`s pretty good, actually.

How come? Well, It`s still done in the 60`s`. And they KNEW how to make MARVEL-comics in the 60`s, and used that information very well. It`s pure Stan Lieber/Lee writing. Melodramatic. There could be a play, on a stage of a theater, that`s dialogue would be taken from a few issues of Spider-man, and the words would right at home.

The art...told you already.

Lettering is...nothing spectacular, and those bolded words in pretty much every damn speech bubble, make me surprisingly nervous. But it fills the bubbles better than these day, looks good and doesn`t have typos.

The coloring is as joyful as ever.

Despite the fact that the fight is too short and both of the characters pull their punches (like in almost every MARVEL-fight, ever), I still like it a bit. It`s fluent, very real looking. Also, the fact that it ends too soon is realistic. Both of the figures are visually appealing, too.

As for the ending, it was nice. Spidey racing to the airport had a bit of a feeling, of an end to a romantic comedy. Not entirely, but I thought that: Hey, doesn`t a third of all romantic movies end a bit like this? I think it was slightly funny.

Peters attidute of what happens in the end, is just stupid. Petey, you idiot! Nothing`s lost forever! You HAVE phones, means of transportation and a never quit-attidute don`t you?! GOD!!!!

Anyway, if you care about ratings (like me), I would give this a 3,5.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I wrote some incorrect data here, out of not knowing enough. The biggest error is that Lee, apparently, had a staff that wrote (or maybe there wasn`t at this point. Which is unlikely, since he had to be an editor and all) the dialogue. So, I suppose I should thank and curse THEM.

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