kfhrfdu_89_76k's The Amazing Spider-Man #92 - When Iceman Attacks review

When Iceman makes a guest appearance!

Hello! This is my 23. CV-review. Okay, let`s get cracking.

Bit about the plot.

In this issue, Spider-man defeats Bullit with help from Iceman, J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson.

What I like.

The creative team is as spectacular as it has been in the past.

I must say that I have always thought hero vs. hero battles to be dull and cool at the same time. But I must also confess that I think it`s nice that they got Spidey and Iceman to battle against eachother.

Jameson is portrayed as a sensible man. I always like when he is portrayed as a normal guy and not-so-normal-guy at the same time. Which means that I like the 70`s version more than the 60`s version.

Bullit gets what he deserves.

This is a jam packed issue.

What I don`t like.

In this story, Spidey acts like a jerk, to do something noble. This is something that alot of heroes sometimes do, and I think that it`s so stupid that it`s funny. Seriously, in most cases, making someone hate them really dosn`t do them any good. In worst cases, that someone gets really pissed and tries to kill them. Besides, if it`s a good person they`re acting out to, they will eventually notice that they aren`t the bad guys (or gals). So, it has no positive effect in most cases. And that`s why, whenever I see something like that in a comic, I`m thinking something like: "Again? Sigh..." So, no points of that, even if thinking about the preposterousness of that scene makes me smile a bit.

Do you like abrupt endings? If you do, the ending of this ish wont bother you. But it does bother me.

This ish is as full of boring clichés as a Stan Lee as a collaborator comic can be. But at least those clichés are so common, that it feels natural that they are in the story, meaning that they aren`t that much of a bother.

To conclude...

It`s the ending of a story that started many issues ago, so if you want to finish a storyline, you should read this (alot of things are left unresolved though, so if you want to find out what happens to those, you should read the next issues too).

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I actually like this more, these days.

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