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It is the funeral of George Stacy and everyone close to the late police captain is in attendance.

A political figure, Sam Bullit trys to get control over New York! But Spidey is uncomfortably in his way...

At the start of this issue, various members of Spider-Man's supporting cast are attending Captain Stacy's funeral. As they leave, a man named Sam Bullit mutters to his assistant that he knows how to use Captain Stacy's death to fuel his campaign. Meanwhile, Gwen Stacy tells Peter Parker that she blames Spider-Man for her father's death, and that she's going to try and get rid of menaces like Spider-Man.

Shortly afterward, Gwen goes to visit Sam Bullit, as she believes that his methods are what it takes to stop someone like Spider-Man. Upon meeting with Bullit, she tells him that she wants to help him in his campaign for D.A. Bullit says that he stands for law and order, and will use whatever methods he can to bring Spider-Man to justice. After Gwen leaves, Bullit calls the Daily Bugle, and tells Jameson that for his support, he will stop Spider-Man.

As Bullit's campaign goes on, Bullit convinces the city to smash Spider-Man. The next day, as Peter Parker is going for a walk, he is captured by some of Bullit's thugs and taken to Bullit, who asks for his assistance in finding Spider-Man. After Peter refuses to help Bullit, the thugs attack Peter and seemingly knock him out. Once they leave, Peter changes to Spider-Man, and knocks the thugs senseless. Peter then returns home, but as he swings into his window, he finds Bullit and Gwen Stacy inside, who tell him that this proves that there's a connection between Peter Parker and Spider-Man!

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