kfhrfdu_89_76k's The Amazing Spider-Man #90 - And Death Shall Come review

A review of a meaningful issue.

This is my 18. CV-review. Well, now that we`ve handled the introduction, let`s move on to rest of the review.

A bit of information about the plot.

The story continues from last issue, at whats end Spidey was battling against Doc Ock. Well, in this issues first pages, that fight is concluded. Naturally, both Spidey and Ock get out of it alive. Then our hero gets some rest, after what, he searches for the doctor again. He finds him, and they battle against eachother for the second time. And then, someone dies...

What I like.

This is a monumental issue. If they`re done properly, they`re great. This one is good.

If you don`t already know who has died, the storys ending will be a suprise to you.

The art is once again, from a masters pen. John Romitas, that is.

The dialogue and parts of the plot (what of them are by Lee, is unknown to me) by Stan Lee are good.

The ironic part of the story is cool, even if absolutely unfair.

Hand lettering by Sam Rosen is a far better solution than computer lettering by anyone, I would guess.

I like the bright colours.

This issue is better than the two previous ones.

What I don`t like.

The colours are too bright for a death issue...

What was good and bad...

Stan Lee is good at writing death-storys. He use to (mostly) make them dignified. But he has never been the best to write them. That`s fine, because it`s part of his style. But he makes everyone talk and act the way you wouldn`t expect them to act, in a situation like this. Most likely though, I`m wrong about this. After all, no human has died to my arms, and therefore I have no previous knowledge of how people act like in that situation.

Spidey making things alot worse (without him wanting to), had already been done various times before this story. I don`t know if it was all that necessary to do again. After all, it kinda gave the next writers a liberty to do so too, and therefore makes it in to a stupid cliché. But then again, it also shows that Spidey isn`t without flaws, and makes him more realistic. SO, I simply can`t decide if using the same old trick again, is bad or a good thing. So I`ll just say that it`s both.

To begin...I mean, conclude...

If you`re looking for a good and fairly monumental, but not the most important Spidey-story, read it. If you`re looking for a Spidey-story, read it. If you`re looking for a soup-recipe, don`t read it.

Posted by The Poet

cool review.

it sounds like a cool issue (I'm sort of sad that description of this comic spoils the entire issue...)

Edited by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:


Oh heck! I was supposed to put a spoiler block there, and forgot!

Well, I`ll do that right now.

Posted by The Poet

ah, thats better...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:


I like that word. If it`s used literally, it means destroying. If it`s not used literally, it means that`s something is really great. Also, it has a nice, soft and full ring to it. SmaSHing. It`s a nice word.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I gave Stan Lee way too much credit, like I always use to, when talking about him. Hell, not even sure if he actually wrote the dialogue, or if his ghost writers did.

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