etragedy's The Amazing Spider-Man #9 - The Man Called Electro review

First Appearance of Electro

Part of CV's Top 100 Spider-Man Universe Stories - reviewed!

I have to be honest, I never liked Electro. Part of it is that stupid face mask. I know, it's supposed to be stylized bolts of electricity - to me it's always looked dumb. Then there are the things in this issue - Electro's first appearance and origin. To begin with, his origin is probably the least creative and hardest to believe of all the early Spider-Man villains. There's the physical expression of his power - his electrical bolts look as corny and zig-zagged as the stylized lightning bolts of his mask and costume. Then there's the fact that his electrical powers are unlimited, including magnetism, which essentially makes him even more powerful than Magneto - yet he comes off like a two-bit bank-job type criminal.

Anyway, at least they're back up to full comic length stories in The Amazing Spider-Man. This issue is a pretty average one. Aside from my issues with Electro, some of the supporting cast - especially cops and criminals - act in some pretty baffling ways that don't really seem to be how they would act in those situations.

The good side is that there's an interesting subplot involving Aunt May needing an expensive operation and Peter trying to foot the bill.

Still, it makes me long to see Doc Ock back.

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