englentine's The Amazing Spider-Man #9 - The Man Called Electro review

Finally character growth

At least a little, when Peter Parker and Betty Brant finally start to show what they are feeling. Also this issue shows that J. Jonah Jameson is not all that bright. He decides to print that Spiderman and Electro are the same person. Without hard evidence. Seriously, he used the same theory that had midevil scientists believe that flays grew out of old meat. The increased stupidity of our favorite Marvel news paper editor aside, this once again is a fun book to read, and Electros introduction gives us a hint as to how and why he became one of Spidermans prime villains. If I were a kid at the time this was published, Electro would be a character I would ask to see again. One of the better issues of the first 10 books.


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