aidanphantom's The Amazing Spider-Man #9 - The Man Called Electro review

Electro Vs. Spider-Man: Part 1

Electro isn’t really that well know in among casual Spider-Man fans and this could be explained by one of two reasons. It could well be because he did not appear in the most famous animated series that just about everybody knows or it’s because he appears in only two comics in the first one hundred issues of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Story- Aunt May is in the hospital and whilst Peter is by her side a new criminal is out on the streets, he is Electro who acts as a conductor for electricity.  At first it seems like the story is basic but it is not because this is one of those Spider-Man comics that is memorable for a few reasons, the first being because it starts off a few trends that would crop up throughout each and every series, once such trend being Aunt May needing hospitalization and Jonah J Jameson thinking that a villain just so happens to be Spider-Man, Jonah’s idiocy is amusing to Spider-Man veterans.


Artwork- The colours boast colour and the character designs are marvellous but it does seem like Electro and Spider-Man were given the most attention not that this is a criticism about Steve Ditko’s artwork. One could argue that this was purposeful to add emphasis on their out of this world nature and how it is an allegory of being different from society.

Dialogue- It’s witty and sometimes goofy like one would expect but this issue is one of particular interest because it uses a hefty amount of dialogue that explains the personalities of some of the characters the audience was introduced to seven issues earlier (Eight if you count Amazing Fantasy #15).

The Villain- Electro’s first ever appearance in a comic is a very awesome introduction however the front cover boasts that Electro is the most original superhero of all time which isn’t exactly true, naturally it is more of a hyperbole on Marvel’s behalf . He is effective nonetheless and is a welcome addition to the Spider-Man rogue's gallery.

The Good-

  • Solid storytelling
  • Good looking artwork
  • Detailed dialogue

The Bad-

  • The limited time that is spent with the confrontation between Spider-Man and Electro.

Verdict- 9/10

It could be argued that this is the best comic of the first volume (#1-#10) of classic Amazing Spider-Man comics but you can safely bet that it is definitely one of the most memorable.


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