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The Prowler is born! But why is he sneaking into the Daily Bugle? Plus, is Peter's jealousy of Gwen and Flash warranted?

Spider-Man is swinging around the city, looking for crime, but upon failing to find any, he decides to take advantage of it and calls up Gwen Stacy. Peter asks Gwen if she wants to go out that night, but Gwen says that she has something to attend to, whilst in her apartment Flash Thompson comments that Peter finally decided to call.

After getting away from some New York citizens who are fans of his, Peter goes back to his apartment to do some studying. Yet after a few minutes of futile study, he decides to go see Gwen anyway. As Peter walks to her house, he walks past the Coffee Pot (a cafe), and sees Gwen and Flash inside. Gwen asks Flash whether he has any clue to Peter's disappearances, to which Flash replies he doesn't. Unfortunately for Peter, he can't hear them through the glass, and assumes that they're on a date.

As Peter walks off, saddened, he passes a window washer, and thinks about how easy he must have it. Ironically, the window washer (whose name is Hobie Brown) thinks the same thing about Peter, and thinks about how his girlfriend left him, and his boss ignored some clever inventions of his. Hobie is interrupted in his daydreaming by J. Jonah Jameson, whose window Hobie happens to be washing. Jonah warns Hobie that his boss is coming, and thinking that Hobie is wasting time, Hobie's boss yells at him. Hobie then quits his job in anger.

Back at his apartment, Hobie realises that his inventions could still be useful, and using claws to grip walls with, and a gas blaster attached to his wrists, Hobie creates the identity of the Prowler. He decides that if the Prowler commits a crime then Hobie Brown recovers the loot, he'll be a hero.

Meanwhile, at the Daily Bugle, Peter tries getting an advance from J. Jonah Jameson, who angrily denies him it. Upon leaving Jonah's office, Peter runs into the Prowler, who had gone to rob the Daily Bugle. Peter is about to attack the Prowler when J. Jonah Jameson walks in.

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