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The secret of the ancient tablet is revealed! The Lizard returns! And a seemingly explosive end for the wall-crawler?!

This issue opens with Man-Mountain Marko threatening Curt Connors to help them translate the clay tablet, since they'll hurt his wife and son if he doesn't help them. However, Curt is still reluctant, since the stress could force him to turn into the Lizard. Eventually Curt agrees, and is told that he 24 hours to translate the tablet. However, Curt's hand starts to turn scaly, and he only just manages to concentrate and turn it back normal.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man reads in a newspaper that one of the Kingpin's lieutenants, Wilson, was bailed by Caesar Cicero, a member of the Maggia. Remembering that Man-Mountain Marko was a member of the Marko, Spider-Man goes and finds Caesar Cicero. However, before Spider-Man can question Caesar, his thugs come into the room, and Caesar escapes. During the fight, Spider-Man heres a thug mention that they've captured Curt Connors' wife and son, and follows Caesar. However, Caesar manages to escape with Billy and Martha Connors.

Meanwhile, Silvermane checks on Curt Connors's progress with the translation. Curt tells them that the symbols on the tablet stand for chemical symbols, not words. Silvermane then orders him to make a serum following the instructions on the tablet.

After a short time in his Peter Parker identity, Spider-Man goes back to looking for Curt Connors, worried about what might have happened to him.

Meanwhile, Curt Connors has finished making the serum, which Silvermane drinks. Silvermane collapses at first, and Man-Mountain Marko is about to kill Curt when he realises that the serum has de-aged Silvermane.

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