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This issue opens with Spider-Man visiting Captain George Stacy, who asks if he has any idea where the priceless clay tablet which Shocker stole from the Captain might be. Captain Stacy says that Shocker had a girlfriend, and that's about the only place he can think where it would be. Upon Spidey arriving at Shocker's girlfriend's apartment, he finds a gigantic man called Man-Mountain Marko asking for the tablet. Spider-Man fights Man-Mountain Marko, whilst asking Shocker's girlfriend to give him the tablet.

Meanwhile, in a jail, a man named Wilson (who was formerly one of the Kingpin's lieutenants) is bailed out by a Maggia member called Caesar Cicero (or Big C). Caesar tells Wilson that since he was the Kingpin's smartest employee, he can help them work out the secret of the tablet once they get it.

Back at Shocker's girlfriend's apartment, Man-Mountain Marko manages to find the tablet in a hidden safe. Although Spider-Man tries to stop him, Man-Mountain Marko drops Shocker's girlfriend out a window, and Spider-Man has to save her. Upon getting back to the apartment, Spider-Man finds it empty.

Meanwhile, in an unknown building, Caesar Cicero brings Wilson to the head of the Maggia, Silvermane. Despite this, Silvermane warns Caesar that although he wants to take over the Maggia, Silvermane is still the leader, and Caesar has to obey him. A minute later, Man-Mountain Marko bursts in, telling them that he managed to retrieve the tablet.

Peter Parker then returns to his apartment, and calls Curt Connors, whom he wants to get a job with. However, Curt's wife Martha tells Peter that Curt was recently seized by a few men and taken away.

At the Maggia headquarters, Caesar tells Silvermane that he has kidnapped Curt Connors, so that he can help them decipher the hieroglyphs on the tablet. However, Curt tells them that it isn't safe for them to keep him there, thinking that he might turn into the Lizard.

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