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Amazing Spider-Man 700

It is Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus in a battle to the death! Who will reign triumphant? It has been 50 years, but this is the last issue of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN title.

The Good


The story started off slow with writer Dan Slott getting new and old readers acquainted with Peter Parker and Doc Ock's situation. Slott did a good job at building anticipation for the big confrontation between the two characters, ultimately showing from both Ock and Parker's perspectives on how they are much alike. Dan Slott really pulls the rug out from under many readers as the issue neared its conclusion.

"Wow" comes to mind when reading this monumental issue. Writer Dan Slott has done a terrific job on this comic book title. Sure this series has had its ups-and-downs with Dan Slott at the wheel, but Slott has created some good story arcs that have helped move this title forward and kept it interesting [i.e. Spider-Island]. This is one of the greatest events of the title: Dan Slott has killed off Peter Parker. I believe in change so with Ock being Spider-Man, now hopefully it brings some great change to Spider-Man and how writers look at the character for years to come.

Humberto Ramos' pencils, Victor Olazaba's inking, and colors by Edgar Delgado were perfect for this issue. The trio worked will together and really pulled this issue together from start to finish.

There were two side stories called "Spider-Dreams" and "Date Night". Spider-Dreams was clever and funny as writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sal Buscema, and Antonio Fabela created an interesting story about the life of Spider-Man. "Date Night" by writer Jen Van Meter and artist Stephanie Buscema pulled together an excellent story revolving around Black Cat. Both stories are creative and are worth checking out after reading the main event.

The Bad

While the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has finished, how long will SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN last? Sure, Peter Parker's mind is gone, but his body is still alive and kicking with Doctor Octopus in control. With this new title I do not know how long Marvel will keep Doc in control of Spider-Man's body before they swap it out and plan for the original Spider-Man to return. For sure, Marvel is moving into a different direction with Marvel Now and their characters, but how long will the effects of Marvel Now and Superior Spider-Man last? Are they really permanent interpretations of fan favorite characters? While the ideal of Doc Octopus in Spider-Man's body forever sounds like a good ideal, I'm hoping that Marvel keeps it this way and does not have plans for the original Parker to return. Yeah it sounds stupid, but why change things if you are not going to make it permanent? This is a major concern for me as a fan of Spider-Man.

The Verdict

With the end of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and the beginning of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN: will Doctor Octopus fulfill his promise to Spider-Man at becoming a "better" Spider-Man? How long will Marvel's SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN last? And what is in store for our new/old webslinger? If you have enjoyed the journey that writer Dan Slott has taken Spider-fans on, then you [like me] are looking forward to see what is in store for everyone's favorite webslinger.

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