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Finally HE DIED....

Spiderman died....How happy I'am....This proves that they ran out of ideas for spiderman.This will give them time to come up with better stories. They did not want spiderman end up like superman. This will prevent spiderman comics from becoming crap.Don't worry spiderman will come back. No need for death treats against the writer.


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    This is something I've been waiting ages for, and finally the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man, issue 700 is out. Although I didn't know what my final reaction to this would be, as I've been sceptical since hearing that Peter Parker would not be Spider-Man in the upcoming Superior Spider-Man series. I've still however been very excited and although I'm not entirely sure what I feel since reading it, I am happy I got it.PlotThis issue sees Peter Parker, who's trapped in Doctor Octopus' body make...

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