haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #700 - Dying Wish: Suicide Run; Spider-Dreams; Date Night review

The Last issue of the Amazing Spider-man

Here is my video review for The Amazing Spider-man issue 700. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:

Posted by ReadItNow

Dan Slott signed!! Awsome copy you have. I hope Marvel keeps Peter dead for awhile, because this has some great potential stories. Yes I do think and hope that Peter returns. But there are a lot of good stories they can tell with Dr Ock as Spider-Man!! Gotta say Dan Slott really took a chance here, and made an asm700 that we will all rember as a huge milestone!!

Posted by thecomicscove

Good review. I agree with a lot of what you said, and think there's a lot of potential with this new direction. I am a little nervous about it too, but I trust Dan Slott to follow him into this new adventure.

Nice that you got a signed copy!

Posted by funnyfishman

I'd laugh if MJ thinks somethings wrong and then suddenly realizes that peter was in Doctor Octopus' body and Doc Ock is in Peter's.

Posted by Manwhohaseverything

A signed copy...awesome.. :) (though you know I'm not a Slott fan.) I will say he did take a risk and didn't play it safe, so I find that admirable. I did winch a little when Parker was "He accessed my memories, so maybe I can do the same with his." Slott, IMHO, too often has Spider-man solve things that start with ideas that have "Maybe"..as a genius scientist, Parker shouldn't be putting so much stock in "Maybes" Though, I will say it's not an unreasonable thing for Parker to try, so it didn't bother me that much. I will also give Slott credit for incorporating so many characters into the final story, not just as token appearances, but actual cogs in the machinations of the story.

What did bother me was this elevates Doc Ock to the #1 villain in Spidey lore. To me..Ock has always been #2. The Goblins, (both green and hob) are the top villains, and they should have been the villains here. The Osborns should have been in this final story. All I can think is Slott figured it would take Spidey's most intelligent foe to pull this off, and Doc Ock trumps Osborn in the intellect department. Fair enough, but I still wanted the Osborns

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

@Manwhohaseverything: I agree it would of been nice to see the Osborns as the last villains of this series. Especially since I thought they were hinting that Norman escaped and Harry had a brief appearance in the end of the series for no reason

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