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When the Kingpin escapes from prison, he won't be the only problem Spider-Man has as he struggles with being Public Enemy #1, despite trying to be a hero.

In jail, the Kingpin rages at how Spider-Man managed to put him in jail and get the priceless tablet which he had stolen. Whilst his men mock him, Kingpin slowly starts twisting the bars of his cage, weakening them.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man swings around the city, looking for a good place to put the tablet. Since the police think he stole it, he can't give it to them, although he eventually decides that no one will look for it in his apartment. The next day at Empire State University, Peter meets up with Gwen Stacy, whom he hasn't seen for a few days. However, Gwen is annoyed at his disappearances, and thinks that it's because Peter is a coward. Elsewhere in Empire State, the Dean agrees to turn the exhibition hall into a dormitory for students, which they had been rallying about a few issues ago.

Back at the jail, the Kingpin has managed to loosen enough of his bars that he escapes from his cell. Upon Spider-Man hearing about this, he decides that he won't rest until he finds the Kingpin and puts him back in jail. After a few hours of swinging around and stopping several petty crimes, Spider-Man finally finds the Kingpin, who wants the tablet back. In the middle of their fight, a Daily Bugle patrol car comes past, with Ned Leeds and J. Jonah Jameson inside, who try calling the police. The Daily Bugle car distracts Spider-Man long enough for another car to drive up, which the Kingpin gets in and escapes in. After the car leaves, J. Jonah Jameson accuses Spider-Man of being in league with the Kingpin. Spider-Man gets so annoyed of J. Jonah Jameson always calling him a menace that he threatens him, although he scares Jonah so much that he suffers a heart attack.

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