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The Amazing Spider-Man #699 - From the past issues we learned that Doc Ock is dying but In this issue we have learned "The Magician's Greatest Trick" via Doc Ock what is it you ask? Well I'm not telling... And you need to get this book.

Like the title said this is INTENSITY AT IT'S BEST, Doc Ock Is in his last few moments of death being he is in this mental and physical state by now. Revelations after Revelations throughout this book (and the last one don't get me wrong). Everything is solved now, everything is revealed and now we have this big payoff by the next issue.

Throughout the entire issue, having the situation being done through Spider-Man's eyes and now have all these events being seen through Doc's eyes having it all explained, I thought it was clever on how they done it throughout this issue. Now, Big credit to Dan Slott, Ever since Spider-Island he manages to make Spider-Man actually interesting, I stopped reading Spider-Man, but years later i did come back to reading Spider-Man comics but they weren't all that interesting to me but Dan Slott manages to interest me (and maybe some readers out there as well). Issue after issue is just well-written and cleverly done. Spider-Man being a comedic character, having his so-called "comedy" is his weapon, I thought here and the past issues does not feel forced at all, but not just that, he knows how to write intense action even if it's all done through dialogue.

Hence we have his partner in crime, Artist Humberto Ramos. Humberto Ramos was a mixed bag for me from his art because at some point he would have really bad art that looks overly cartoon-ey or maybe some bad anime art. But from here and the past few issues before this I can tell that his art is evolving (hell I didn't threw up for once). In the end i enjoyed this book from page 1 up to the end and I can't wait to read the finale, Will it be the finale of all finales? maybe we'll find out soon enough. I don't have any complaints about this book and like i said I'm excited to get The Amazing Spider-Man #700




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