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Not Getting Out of This One

I have to admit that after the last issue I fell in with a lot of other people, and was extremely excited to see the next issue. If you're reading this review you know that Doc Ock now has control over Peter Parker's body, and has all of his memories while Peter has been left in the dying body of Otto Octavius, and only has a few hours left to live. This issue is Dan Slott's attempt at explaining just how that happened.

It's a pretty solid issue that goes back all the way to Spider-man #600 in explaining just how Doc Ock did what he did. In this issue, though it doesn't touch on it as much, nor have as much depth as I wish it did, Spider-man finally gets to in a way see things from the perspective on one of his greatest enemies. We get to see him struggle as he digs through the recesses of Otto's decaying mind in an attempt to find a way to free himself and get his body back. There are also brief moments were we get a feel of just how much Spider-man is panicking, and we see how it effects his thinking in such a way that he ends up making what seems to be some pretty brash choices, and he even has some pretty illogical thoughts, especially one regarding some of his enemies (Lizard), and comes across as overly judgmental. It was sort of interesting for once to see a side of Spider-man that I really didn't like.

After being blown away in the last issue when it was revealed that the reason behind the odd change in Peter's behavior and speech was in fact because Doc Ock was in control of his body, I was expecting a lot of more in the way of "wow" moments just like how the last few panel's of issue #698 did. You don't really get that in this book. What you get is an explanation that is decent in design and works for the story. Also there is not a lot in the way action in this book until right toward the end, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. You sometimes get the feeling that in his panicked state Spider-man might be getting himself in deeper trouble rather than getting himself out of it.

It's not a bad issue, but it doesn't necessarily live up to it's hype. It's more of a set up issue than anything. What it does in the way of setting up though has been very well done, and and Dan Slott has set a stage for what so far seems will be a very interesting story. I do not recommend that you read this issue alone, but rather go back and pick up issue #698 and then read this one if you have not already. I feel like the real story will be in issue #700, and in order to get the full blast of that upcoming story you need to read the two prior issues. One can only hope though that Amazing Spider-man #700 will deliver on a promise that has been set up in this issue and this issue before.


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