cerial442's The Amazing Spider-Man #698 - Dying Wish Prelude: Day in the Life review

Doc Ock Goes to Hell: The Final Saga

Well this is it, the beginning of the end. But it's not necessarily good.

It is impossible to talk about this issue without talking about the big twist. Because honestly that's all this issue has going for it.

This issue was hyped up beyond belief. Dan Slott was telling retailers they would have to order extra copies, because this issue will change everything. It would be the most remembered storyline in the history of comics.

It'll be remembered because it was over hyped and done a million times before. Just about every 90s sitcom had an episode where this happened. Most horror movies had this as well, from Nightmare on Elm Street 2 to Jason Goes to Hell. The body swap/possession story is nothing new.

In fact I believe Spider-Man already did this story once.

There is also the fact that after this, the story is ending and Superior Spider-Man won't be Peter. It might not be Doc Ock either, but still.

And quite frankly to me Peter Parker IS Spider-Man.

Now, I know everything will go back to normal, and I'm willing to bet that eventually Superior Spider-Man becomes Amazing Spider-Man again. Ok that's fine, but when will that happen? My guess, two years right before the next movie comes out. I don't like the idea of not reading Spider-Man for that long, but on the other hand if it isn't Peter it isn't Spider-Man.

There is also the issue of Dan Slott. Yes he helped turn the book around, but honestly he has only done three great Spider-Man stories. The rest were meh. "Big Time", "Spider Island" and "Ends of the Earth" were great. I really enjoyed them. But his story with the Lizard was good but forgettable, the time travel story could have been told in one issue, and I couldn't get into the FF storyline. The recent Goblin storyline was terrible. I still don't see what the purpose the Alpha storyline had.

IF Dan Slott is doing this because he "ran out of Peter Parker" stories, then get someone else on the book.

I know it's only temporary and is a fictional character, but Peter Parker deserved to die a better way than this.

This issue makes me feel glad I'm not getting Superior Spider-Man.

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Posted by RaptorJesus69

I hear you, bro. It looks like Marvel hates it's best character as they're treating like a piece of dogshit with Dan Slott and the fracking editors. They already killed him once, and that was hard for me to accept as Peter Parker will always be Spider-man. Who in the right mind would approve of a story as worthless as this? Would Stan Lee want to see his best creation and Marvel's poster boy die like this? Dan Slott was right, as soon as #700 gets released, he'll be in a worse place than Doc Ock's deathbed.

Posted by cerial442

@RaptorJesus69: Let's just hope we don't have to wait too long before everything get's reconned and back to normal. It will if sales dramatically drop.

Posted by iaconpoint

Typical Marvel for the past 15-odd years. Upset the status quo then set it back to 1962 a year later. I don't see all the fascination with this writer. Nothing he's done is anything that hasn't been done before in better ways. Doc Ock already died? Check. Peter already replaced? Check. Peter even already died and came back? Check. Everything will be back to normal within 2 years. And of course we will get (another) new volume of Spider-Man and then in a couple more years it will all revert back to Amazing for "GRAND ISSUE 800!" before starting a new number 1 just for a new creative team. Naw, I'm good with my older issues before Spidey became an Avenger.

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