haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #696 - Danger Zone Part Two: Key To the Kingdom review

The Original Hobgoblin is back!

Here is my video review for The Amazing Spider-man issue 696. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:

Posted by Manwhohaseverything

First: Cool intro and send-off. :) I agree for the most part with your analysis. I'm okay with not knowing what the Goblin Key does exactly. Kingpin did say it was to all of Osborn's tech, so maybe it's as simple as that? I think Slott does better with old stand by characters than he does creating his own. (Like Alpha) He does have a habit of making something a "big deal" and then letting it drop off the map. Though I think we'll see Alpha again. I like how they showed Parker's sense going crazy in the previous issue, (paper cut, germs,wet floor) and think that should've continued this issue. That gave a real sense of how muddled his mind is...this issue, it seemed like all he had to do was "concentrate real hard" and he could over-come his spider sense going off. A feeling I did not get from last issue. All in all.. 3-4 stars sounds about right, but the foundation for a 4-5 star issue is there.

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    I have been loving the stories that have been out recently and am looking forward to the 700th issue. I have started to like Slott's work over the last year and am was really happy to see an appearance from both Goblins this issue, which didn't happen last issue. I have also liked Camuncoli's ar work over the last couple of issues and think it suits the Hobgoblin character just like his art suited the Lizard character in the No Turning Back story (issues 688-691).This issue starts with Madam Web...

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