johnkmccubbin91's The Amazing Spider-Man #696 - Danger Zone Part Two: Key To the Kingdom review

Hobgoblin vs. Hobgoblin

I have been loving the stories that have been out recently and am looking forward to the 700th issue. I have started to like Slott's work over the last year and am was really happy to see an appearance from both Goblins this issue, which didn't happen last issue. I have also liked Camuncoli's ar work over the last couple of issues and think it suits the Hobgoblin character just like his art suited the Lizard character in the No Turning Back story (issues 688-691).

This issue starts with Madam Web getting carted of to hospital after having a seizure and Peter Parker getting held ransom in the Shadowland by Hobgoblin, and the Kingpin. Meanwhile the original Hobgoblin (Kingsley) has found the current Hobgoblin's (Urich) address and gets himself a Hobgoblin costume whilst finding out Urich has a love interest in Nora Winters. Back in the Shadowland the Hobgoblin sends a message to Max Modell saying that is Spider-Man doesn't bring their briefcase to the Shadowlands they will kill Peter.

I really liked this is issue and was happy when I saw Kingsley back in the Hobgoblin uniform. I didn't however like the first panel showing him in the costume as in my opinion it made him look old and feeble, and although he is old a criminal who's planing to take down the person that stole his gimmick shouldn't look feeble. I also liked the reference to the death of Gwen Stacy when the Kingsley said that instead of falling in love with the blond girl, Nora Winters, he should be throwing her off a bridge. I also liked to see Peter frustratingly think of how he's going to get out of his predicament whilst Tiberius Stone's machine has his Spider-Sense in overdrive. I also liked how Max was involved in this issue a bit more than he has in previous but wont speak about it any further so I don't spoil the issue.

Final verdict. Brilliant issue and it was nice to see the proper return of the original Hobgoblin. I would highly recommend this issue and the series is just getting better with each issue on the road to issue 700.

Rating: 5/5

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