guttridgeb's The Amazing Spider-Man #695 - Danger Zone, Part One: Warning Signs review

Spider Sense Going Crazy


This is my first review for anything so forgive me if it doesn't go well!

We start off with Spider-Man breaking up a raid by Hobgoblin. I loved the way Giuseppe draws Hobgoblin (I like his art in general but this was a favourite for me). My only slight gripe with this scene is the ease in which Spider-Man fights off the ninjas. This happens all the time with street-levelers but I thought I would mention it. These are highly trained ninjas and they were quite literally all over Spider-Man yet not one them seemed to land a strike.

We also get to see the original Hobgoblin tracking the current Hobgoblin. It was good to see Kingsley in there but that was his only appearance and it seemed a little pointless to have him in only a few panels.

A Daily Bugle reporter informs Peter that she knows his connection with Spider-Man which gets things pretty interesting. Peter goes to the Bugle and asks for the story to be cancelled and we see Phil Urich (Hobgoblin) giving Norah a video of Hobgoblin versus Spider-Man, mirroring Peter's former role of taking photographs of himself. Almost without warning Peter's spider sense goes crazy. Every slightest danger sets it off. I really liked how this was done, as much as could fit on panel was labelled with danger. Static shocks, heat, filth and more.

Then we get my favourite part of the comic. Madame Web sees everything. Its a brilliant two page spread with pictures of upcoming Marvel stories.

As you can see, we've got images of stories yet to be released for most of them that some may recognize from the previews.

Madame Web appears in front of Peter trying to warn him of something but fails, and only succeeds in revealing his secret to Hobgoblin. So we get a pretty major cliff hanger involving Peter's capture.


I have to give this a 10/10. I had a couple of complaints but nothing major enough to harm the score.

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