haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #695 - Danger Zone, Part One: Warning Signs review

Spidey's Spider Sense is tingling out of CONTROL!

Here is my video review for the Amazing Spider-man issue 695. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:


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    Spider Sense Going Crazy 0

    SpoilersThis is my first review for anything so forgive me if it doesn't go well!We start off with Spider-Man breaking up a raid by Hobgoblin. I loved the way Giuseppe draws Hobgoblin (I like his art in general but this was a favourite for me). My only slight gripe with this scene is the ease in which Spider-Man fights off the ninjas. This happens all the time with street-levelers but I thought I would mention it. These are highly trained ninjas and they were quite literally all over Spider-Man ...

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