johnkmccubbin91's The Amazing Spider-Man #695 - Danger Zone, Part One: Warning Signs review

Is the Cat Out the Bag?

I have been loving the Amazing Spider-Man series for a few years now and have been more and more interested in the series with the mystery hanging over the big change that will occur during issue 700 (with the series ending, and most likely getting re-numbered after). I have really liked Slott's work and hope there is some way he can stay on after issue 700 (although I doubt he will due to the Marvel NOW! changing creative teams on series'). I was also happy to see Camuncoli doing art as he draws the Hobgoblin really well and did an amazing job on the No Turning Back story (issues 688-691).

This is a brand new story which sometime during there will be a clash between the current Hobgoblin (Phil Urich) and the original Hobgoblin (Kingsley) (not this issue though). The story starts with the current Hobgoblin taking out a bunch of Green Goblin cultists and taking their money. Spider-Man steps in fighting Hobgoblin who then takes off with Tiberius Stone which confuses Spider-Man. Meanwhile the original Hobgoblin has been watching all this and is planing what to do next. Elsewhere Madam Web's psychic powers are going haywire and she is seeing everything that's going to happen in the future (not just specific things).

Later Sally Floyd is doing an article on Horizon labs for the Bugle and someone let it slip that Peter has been making equipment for Spider-Man. Desperate to conceal his secret identity Peter begs Robbie Robertson not to print the article, as he fears after what happened during Spider-Island (Carlie Cooper found out his secret identity) that this article could help everyone find out he's Spider-Man. The issue ends with Hobgoblin kidnapping Peter after Kingpin tells him to get Spider-Man.

This was an amazing issue and I was wondering if they were going to top the last story (Alpha) and they certainly did. I loved the art as I think it suited the character's. I was however a little disappointed that the original Hobgoblin didn't have a bigger part in this issue like the cover suggested, but there is still plenty of time for the two Goblin's to fight it out. I also liked how after Madam Web's warning Peter went crazily paranoid due to his Spider-Sense. Was also nice to see Kingpin involved in a Spider-Man story again (although he's usually around whilst the current Hobgoblin's around). I also liked how this issue didn't mention anything about the Alpha story as it doesn't really affect this story and would just waste pages explaining (like some series' doe).

Final verdict. Brilliant start to a new Spider-Man adventure and it leaves a lot of questions and makes me more and more interested to what will happen next in the lead up to issue 700. I would highly recommend this issue and can't wait for the next.

Rating: 5/5

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