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Hints for the End

Here is my video review for the Amazing Spider-man issue 694. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:

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Posted by Manwhohaseverything

My comments here will really be more for this issue and the previous one combined. I thought this storyline was "Okay"..3 stars. It had some good moments, but I think Dan Slott (whom you know is NOT one of my favorites) fell back into some of his old bad habits after the excellent Lizard story line.

For one, he gets a little campy at times. Alpha's g/f remarking that she's "Lois Lane" was ridculous. It may have meant as a tribute, but came across as more of a juvenile joke IMHO. Especially since Slott has in the past made comments about "Invisible planes" and other such DC staples. Of course it does raise the question: Does Superman exist as a fictional character in the Marvel Universe?

The scene with the Avengers was too quick. I mean they are facing a giant with the ability to exterminate the earth, something that could be a 4 issue series. Slott gives it all of what? 3 pages? If you want to have Alpha show up the Avengers, or have him fail on an Avenger mission, which are big deals, I think it deserves more attention. For one, it would've been interesting to get more in depth reactions from folks like Stark and Rogers. You said that scene with the plane and Aunt May felt rushed..actually this whole storyline was rushed. It's like Slott said "I have x number of things I wanna do before # 700, so I best do them now."

I'm sure after #700 they'll reboot the series with a new #1. I look forward to someone else writing this series. Someone that takes Spidey seriously. I honestly think Slott sees Spidey as a paycheck. Marvel's most iconic character deserves more than rushed story lines and amateur quips.

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