johnkmccubbin91's The Amazing Spider-Man #694 - Alpha, Part 3: Final Grade review

Alpha No More?

I have really enjoyed Slott's work on the Amazing Spider-Man over the last few years and I will be sad when he eventually leave, which I expect to be after issue 700. I also have liked Ramos' art throughout the series and it really suited this story.

This issue starts with Peter trying to get a hold of Alpha who is in Tokyo. Whilst in heading to say goodbye to his Aunt May Spider-Man is stopped by the Avengers who have been trying to get a hold of him, as they need everyone's help to face Terminus. Cap tells Spider-Man this includes Alpha who comes from Tokyo to Manhattan in minutes taking Terminus down momentarily easily but casing planes nearby to lose power. Spider-Man goes to help the plane his Aunt is on whilst the others deal with other plane's an Terminus with Alpha slipping away during the commotion.

Spider-Man uses the alien tech from Terminus to power down Alpha enough to make him near powerless.

This was a good issue but I felt the ending to the story was a bit rushed, and came about very suddenly. I did however like the cover which was a nice homage to the Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man #1 cover. I did however like the Avengers reaction to Alpha not realising how inexperienced and over confident he actually was. I do actually kinda however hope we see Alpha in the future in some form, not necessarily anything as big as he was in this story but just a we cameo to see how he's getting along.

Final verdict. A bit of a disappointing way to end the Alpha story but still not bad. This is the reason this issue is the first issue since I've started reviewing Amazing Spider-Man that isn't a 5 star purely because of the way it ended. I would still recommend it and it has a nice we hint to what will happen next issue which should be interesting.

Rating: 4.5/5

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