johnkmccubbin91's The Amazing Spider-Man #693 - Alpha, Part 2: That Something Special review

Alpha Clones

I have been loving Amazing Spider-Man for the last few months and it has had quite the string of good story after good story which is nice to see. I am happy that Ramos is back on art this issue and I hope Dan Slott stays on Spider-Man for a while longer and hopefully after whatever Marvel do to put Spider-Man in the Marvel NOW! concept.

This story kicks off from where the last one left off with Alpha getting all the glory from taking down Giganto and Spider-Man wanting to help FF over looking after Alpha. Later on Peter talks with MJ saying he isn't happy seeing what might have happened to him if it wasn't for Uncle Ben's death. Chrissy happy to be going out with "the" superhero is upset when she finds Alpha making out with another girl. Alpha his family and the cheerleader he was kissing are then captured by Jackal. Spider-Man finding out goes too Horizon and starts working on a device to find Alpha. Whilst doing this he tells Max how he should quit after all the trouble he's cause but Max tells him that he has done so much more for Horizon and the world that the mishaps he's caused are forgettable. Once he finds Alpha at Jackal's hideout he finds out he's been cloned but luckily none of them have his powers. After rescuing Alpha and Alpha saying how he needs to lear how to use his powers Spider-Man agrees to will teach him but Alpha says he wasn't talking to him. After tricking Alpha who has been getting huge publicity into getting trained telling him he will get a place on the Avengers tells MJ that Alpha must be changed back.

I really enjoyed this issue and I really like this Alpha character. He has a lot off personality and just wants to be in the spot light. I can see things going bad for our young hero but it should be exciting to find out. I like how Spider-Man is taking the responsibility high and is not debating over what should be done with Alpha.

Final verdict. Brilliant comic and highly recommended ASM has been on a real roll over the last few issues and is one of the best of the big hitters Marvel is producing the now.

Rating: 5/5


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