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Scouring the city for the Kingpin, Spider-Man's on a mission to retrieve the ancient tablet that was stolen. But will the police look to Spider-Man as an ally…or a menace?

This issue opens with Spider-Man looking for the Kingpin, who has just stolen an ancient clay tablet from Empire State University. Whilst searching, Spider-Man thinks out loud about how the Kingpin managed to steal it, more or less giving a summary of the previous issue.

Meanwhile, Kingpin muses over how rare the tablet is, and how clever he was to have stolen it. Upon his assistant asking why he let Spider-Man follow him, the Kingpin replies that it's so it saves him the trouble of hunting Spider-Man. One of the Kingpin's men mentions that Spider-Man won't have a chance against the Kingpin, since the only person the Kingpin is afraid of his wife. The Kingpin overhears that and beats up the man, before going to lock the tablet in a vault which can only be opened with muscle power.

A few minutes later, Spider-Man finds the Kingpin's hideout, but just before entering, his spider sense starts tingling, warning him of a trap. He then uses a dummy made of web fluid to distract the Kingpin's thugs, before taking them out. Spider-Man and the Kingpin then fight, ending when the Kingpin crushes Spider-Man's hand so much that Spider-Man blacks out. However, upon the Kingpin letting go, Spider-Man reveals that he had only been pretending to black out. Kingpin then manages to grab his cane blaster, but Spider-Man webs it just as Kingpin fires it, forcing it to explode. Although the explosion knocks out the Kingpin for good, one of the Kingpin's men runs away, and Spider-Man follows him, looking for the tablet.

Spider-Man follows the thug to the Kingpin's vault, and opens the vault himself with his strength. Meanwhile, in a different part of the building, the police arrive and arrest the Kingpin. Unfortunately, the Kingpin manages to trick them into thinking that Spider-Man is his ally, and has taken the tablet away himself. Upon Spider-Man attempting to return the tablet to them, they shoot at him. Spider-Man then decides that if they're not going to trust him and assume he's a menace, that he might as well be a menace!

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