haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #687 - Ends of the Earth, Part 6: Everyone Dies review

The Conclusion to the Ends of the Earth

Here is my video review for the Amazing Spider-man issue 687. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:

Posted by Manwhohaseverything

Remember how I previous complaint against Slott was "Things happen out of nowhere." ? Well, it happened again. It seems to be a mechanism he has. Here, Spidey couldn't break out of Doc Ock's grip. He even mentioned how useless all his abilities were. Then he suddenly remembers how everyone is gonna die, and finds the strength OUT OF NOWHERE, to break Doc's tentacles. Wait a minute! He knew everyone was going to die if Doc Ocks got his way, THE ENTIRE STORYLINE! It's very contrived, to suddenly have it be enough inspiration 3-4 pages before the story arc ends. 
Now, I get all your vids on Youtube, but I don't like commenting on you tube, and of course, I only comment on comics I read. I don't see you posting your vids for Action Comics and such on the vine. Did I miss it?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

@Manwhohaseverything: I have video reviews for mostly every Action Comics comic. So, just check under the reviews for the issue of Action Comics you want to see.

I also know where you are coming from for this Spidey issue. Sometimes story does seem like it comes out of no where with Dan Slott's writing.

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