delphic's The Amazing Spider-Man #684 - Ends of the Earth, Part Three: Sand Trap review

A little Otto-Spidey Time

I've never been the biggest Sinister Six fan, and that is mostly because of it's roster. This story line though has given me a new appreciation for the group though. This issue follows up after the massive defeat Spider-man and the Avengers suffered the last issue. Spider-man manages to escape the clutches of Doc Ock with the help of Silver Sable, and the team decides to opt for a "taking peices off the board" approach, and the target of this issue is Sandman. Though more so a filler issue attempting to continue the story there is not much else here. It's still a very good read, but there's nothing about it that makes it stand out either. If you're following the "End's of the Earth" storyline then you probably will keep reading, because it doesn't break it's stride. I just wouldn't start with this issue, and pick up the previous two issues or at least the one before, so you know what's going on. For a battle issue though, it's still a very good read.

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