duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #683 - Ends of the Earth, Part Two: Earth's Mightiest review

The Avengers Vs. The Sinister Six!

Synopsis: The Avengers vs The Sinister Six!

There was no way to avoid it, but the Avengers need to be a part of this event and despite that, this is still Spider-Man's series. It's great to see Spidey take control of the Avengers seeing how the Sinister Six are his rouge gallery. Basically, this issue was about who was prepared more. That doesn't sound exciting, especially when over the years, we've seen Spidey take on numerous variations of the Sinister Six and came on top countless times, along with that, we have the Avengers guest star in this particular event, but really, this issue was a game of chess. It's been clear that Doctor Octopus has put plenty of time and thought into this event, so why shouldn't he be prepared? In some ways, that slowed down the pacing for this issue, but not that much.

However, things are not so dark. Spider-Man punches Al Gore (well, not really)! He also gets to say, "Avengers, Assemble!"

Here's what I think about the Florida election recount!

On a not related topic, we have Jonah vs. Horizon Labs, as Jameson is really bent on shutting down Horizon Labs. So even if Peter manages to stop Doc. Ock, will he have a job to go back to?

Along with the incredible cover artwork, Stefano Caselli brings his A-game in this issue. Seriously, Pete's new suit looks great. The action doesn't get on its way until near the end when The Avengers throw down with the Sinister Six. The spread page featuring both groups could be used as a poster. The impact of the fight is felt, really showing who was more prepared at the end.


So far, Ends of the Earth is living up to the hype. I know Avengers vs X-Men is a huge deal, but don't overlook this event if you can.


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