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A spectacular start to "Ends of the Earth" 0

Dan Slott begins his first issue of the new End's of the Earth event with a bang!The Good:Man oh man! Slott has definitely brought Spidey up to a new level since he began writing for him. The issue starts off with a bang introducing some of Spiderman's "new" tech that he kinda ripped off one of his most popular villains. It's a treat to see how Spiderman can develop all of this tech and shows how brilliant he truly is given the time and resources to do so. Doc Ock is on the verge of death and hi...

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Doctor Octopus Goes Global. 0

Synopsis: The end of the world comes sooner (or does it) as Doctor Octopus unleashes his ultimate plan.Well, it's finally here. But before I get into the main story, there were other story developments to take notice.Let me start by talking about both Peter and Spider-Man. He's been taking his "No one dies" policy quite seriously in the last couple of issues. On top of that, he really takes advantage of his resources at Horizon Labs making all sorts of gadgets and skills to help him fight (as if...

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The Effects of Global Warming 0

Here is my video review for the Amazing Spider-man issue 682. In this issue Spider-man tries to figure out what Dr. Octopus is up to when he wants to save the world of Global Warming....

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Comic Review -- Amazing Spider-Man #682: The Ends of the Earth, p 0

Originally posted on my blog, The Comics Cove, not too long ago...I think this cover is pretty clever, with Doc Ock's arms lashing Spidey over a planet-shaped globe. It certainly sets up the premise of the story, involving Dr. Octopus's apparent desire to save the planet vs. Spider-Man's steadfast distrust of him and anything he's involved in. Very dramatic, and a delight to behold.This story starts off with Peter talking about how many gadgets he's been making for himself as Spider-Man, while h...

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