duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #681 - The Galaxy's Greatest Super-Hero. Part Two review

In Space, No One Can Hear You Complain.

Synopsis: What can Spider-Man and Human Torch do to save the space crew?

Spidey has had a number of different team ups in the years, and the majority of the time, they end up being fun. This is no exception when it comes to Spider-Man teaming up with the Human Torch. The two are like brothers that joke around, and the humor comes naturally to both characters, while they work together to save John Jameson and the space station crew from Doc Ock (It's great that Johnny didn't lose his sense of humor after being gone for so long).

To be honest, I'm surprised this story overall is taking place before Ends of the Earth. For Doctor Octopus to be planning to take down a space station must mean that his final act must be something for the books (Also again, is a bit ironic considering that last time Spidey and Torch teamed up, it was against Doctor Octopus).

Giuseppe's artwork is better this time around, with more focus on the action, and less on the close up faces. There's a number of great moments that Johnny steals the show due to some explosions.


The Ends of The Earth is almost here. So far, Doctor Octopus has been secretive about what he has plans for Earth. This is one event I can't wait to read.

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