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At the start of this issue, the Kingpin is looking at a picture of a mysterious clay tablet with his men, which has just been discovered. Upon hearing how rare and valuable it is, the Kingpin demands that he should have it. Although he makes plans to steal it from Empire State University (where it is at the moment), one of his men mentions that Spider-Man will try and stop him if he hears of Kingpin's plans. The Kingpin then demonstrates that he can defeat Spider-Man by fighting six of his men. Needless to say, the men are all defeated with Kingpin hardly trying.
The next day, at Empire State, Peter Parker runs into Randy Robertson, the son of Robbie Robertson. Randy and his friend Josh tell Peter that after the tablet has finished being displayed at E.S.U., the hall will be turned into a private dormitory, rather than the students. Peter then meets up with Gwen Stacy, and the two go to visit Aunt May. When they get back to E.S.U., they find a rally, demanding that the hall shouldn't be used for the students. The rally then try to take over the hall, hoping that if they make a big enough deal out of it it'll get media coverage. 
When the Kingpin hears about the hall being taken over, he and his men go to E.S.U. The Kingpin distracts everyone with some explosives, knowing that the rally will be blamed for them. He then bursts into the hall, ready to steal the clay tablet. Fortunately, Peter Parker is in the hall at the time, and changes into Spider-Man. After setting up his camera, he engages the Kingpin in a fight. Spider-Man almost manages to knock out the Kingpin, so the Kingpin uses his blaster cane to destroy a wall, burying Spider-Man and Randy Robertson under it. He then makes away with the clay tablet. At the same time, Spider-Man climbs out of the rubble and follows him, but the Kingpin lets him so that he can lead him into a trap.

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