duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #679 - I Killed Tomorrow, Part 2 of 2: A Date With Predestiny review

What's The Cause Of New York's Destruction?

Synopsis: It's a race against time as Spidey tries to prevent the destruction of New York.

Wow, I knew that Flag Smasher had nothing to do with destroying New York, but Dan Scott nevertheless makes this a fascinating issue to wonder who or what does.

And since Slott hasn't brought attention to the Carlie, Mary Jane conversation a couple of issues back, Spidey seems to be finding romantic tension everywhere. Silver Sable is even eying him (though I seriously doubt that will turn into something). I feel stupid realizing that the silver haired woman in the previous issue was Silver Sable. MJ continues to have vibes for Peter, and it shouldn't be long before they get back together (somewhere before or in #700 I'm betting). Who's next, Betty Grant? (Kidding of course).

But as much as Spider-Man is important, Peter Parker is just as important as well. Sure, things like stopping simple robbers and saving someone from choking is one thing, but having just plain old Peter is what we need to see sometimes. That's why the real cause of the destruction of New York seems natural.

The artwork continues to be fantastic as well. By now everyone should know how much of a fan I am of Humberto Ramos' style of art.

Really, I couldn't find anything wrong with this issue.


I ended up enjoying this story more than I originally thought. It has everything I love about Spider-Man, and Dan Slott is doing fantastic with his run.


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