cronoman66's The Amazing Spider-Man #679 - I Killed Tomorrow, Part 2 of 2: A Date With Predestiny review

Saving the Day, The Spider-Man Way

Spider-Man rushes around New York City in an attempt to stop a devastating explosion that was foresaw in an experimental “Door to Tomorrow”. The Bizarre complications of time travel are demonstrated as well Spider-Man’s trade mark humour in a dire situation.


This is a great issue. Dan Slott manages to up the tension with every page while keeping a fun atmosphere with Spider-Man’s humour mixed with the characters surrounding him. The cliffhanger left in issue 678 is solved in an amusing way, and the ending is simultaneously the most obvious and surprising ending that could have happened.

Dan Slott has provided a time travel story that makes sense, but more importantly the logic that Slott has written is described and portrayed to the reader in an easy to understand form. Time Travel is an exceedingly complicated concept that can often lead to the reader being completely confused. This issue and arc manages to tie up the loose ends and have it make sense.

Ramos’ art has grown on me while reading this arc, it has a good clarity to it but also has a distinct character and style with characters displaying their personality through the expressions on the page. On an important note Ramos has a great ability of portraying Spider-Man’s stance when swinging around and fighting enemies. It’s a key part of visualising Spider-Man, his powers are derived from a Spider so his movements should mimic this style.


I haven’t got bad things to say about this issue but for some reason Spider-Man’s overt references to pop culture bothered me more in this issue than it has before. At some point it goes a bit to far, going into possible Deadpool territory.


Great issue and a great end to this story. It’s a reminder how comics can be fun but have and overall edge of tension and drama.

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