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Saving the Day, The Spider-Man Way 0

Spider-Man rushes around New York City in an attempt to stop a devastating explosion that was foresaw in an experimental “Door to Tomorrow”. The Bizarre complications of time travel are demonstrated as well Spider-Man’s trade mark humour in a dire situation.GoodThis is a great issue. Dan Slott manages to up the tension with every page while keeping a fun atmosphere with Spider-Man’s humour mixed with the characters surrounding him. The cliffhanger left in issue 678 is solved in an amusing way, a...

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12 Hours to Save New York City 0

This is my video review for Spider-man issue 679. In this issue Spider-man only has 12 hours before New York is destroyed ,but he needs to find out why New York is destroyed....

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What's The Cause Of New York's Destruction? 0

Synopsis: It's a race against time as Spidey tries to prevent the destruction of New York.Wow, I knew that Flag Smasher had nothing to do with destroying New York, but Dan Scott nevertheless makes this a fascinating issue to wonder who or what does.And since Slott hasn't brought attention to the Carlie, Mary Jane conversation a couple of issues back, Spidey seems to be finding romantic tension everywhere. Silver Sable is even eying him (though I seriously doubt that will turn into something). I ...

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A must-read for every comic book reader 0

Second and last episode of the "I Killed Tomorrow" story arc. In the first part, Dan Slott introduced the major issue of this story, here he solves it. And this is probably what today's comic books should be, not 12 episodes long story arcs (hi Scott Snyder), at least when it doesn't concern major villains. Action, humor, romance ... Dan Slott definitely knows what a good Spider-Man story is : new readers AND old readers friendly (see how he's using JJJJ and MJ), and above all, not too long. If ...

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