cronoman66's The Amazing Spider-Man #678 - I Killed Tomorrow, Part 1: Schrödinger's Catastrophe review

A Great Issue For New Readers

Peter Parker expected a normal day at Horizon Labs, what he didn’t expect was a colleague’s invention of a literal door to tomorrow. Only disaster can follow with an invention like that right? Right! And Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man has to fix what he has broken on an very tight time limit.


As someone who hasn’t read ASM for quite a long time, this was a great issue to jump on the series. This is a great story that deals with the always complicated nature of time travel. It manages to feed the reader the complicated elements of the story while providing visual aides to explain the situation. Many writers have tried to explain Time Travel and many have failed, Dan Slott manages to achieve something a lot of writers fail at.

This book has a great charm to it, Spider-Man is incredibly likable as a character, a problem I’ve had in the past because he came across as incredibly whiny when written by other writers. This may be due to his change in circumstance, he longer is on a constant quest to pay his bills and has a better reputation than he did before.

Very much like Wolverine And The X-men, this book combines a whimsical happy nature with a small sense of dread scratching at the back of your skull. Bad things are going to happen but you’re having a good time before it does.

The art by Humberto Ramos supports this overall aesthetic with his stylised art giving the right amount of emotion in each panel. His style is able to do comedy and drama in equal measure giving the book a good balance within the books aesthetic.


Honestly I really can’t see anything wrong with this issue.


A Great issue with a great premise and a good jumping on point for new readers.

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