johnnyjavavee's The Amazing Spider-Man #678 - I Killed Tomorrow, Part 1: Schrödinger's Catastrophe review

Some Continuity Would be nice.

So in this issue we start off with another re-cap of what's happening in Peter's life. Horizon labs, feeling good about new york city, and just another one of those days where he's feeling great and ready to go to work and not have to deal with any baddies for a while. I like the idea of Parker luck and everything turning sour like it always does in a few hours, but I wish the issues would stop with the same introduction we always see. Too many issue's are feeling like .1 jumping on points.

The next big problem I have with this issue is more with the series in general, and that's that were really not getting much continuity right now. Last time we had Spidey whine about his break up in the daredevil teamup issue, now he feels fine. He should've felt fine the whole time since he wasn't ever really that attached to Carlie (I think he even forgot about her at times). Before that we had the sinister six, and before that was a two part Vulture Story that I got really excited about and I know it's Dan Slott and everything will tie up eventually but I just wish it was following a more direct line of propulsion so I wouldn't have to wait as long.

I have another big problem with Ramo's art. It's very clunky and reminds me of something that should be in a preschoolers comic book like rescue heroes or something. I've always thought his name should be Humberto Tonka anyways... But That cover is amazing. I love a sophisticated looking, beautifully coloured Spidey cover. it's easily in my top five for the past 100 issues.

One thing that I thought was cool about this issue though is spidey's race against time. When he runs though the list of what happens in the newspaper it turns out to be a lot of fun. There's an ad in the book for issue number 680 and that was also another thing that made me really excited. If that counts for anything.


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