dj_maximus's The Amazing Spider-Man #677 - The Devil and the Details, Part 1 review

Amazing Spider-Man # 677

Mark Waid back to writing Spider-Man comic. He had a break and believe he did need the break because the last he wrote a issue of Spider-Man it was bad. However this time Mark Waid redeems himself this issue. Guest starring Dare Devil and The Black Cat. It’s a very fun issue indeed. I really enjoyed the talk back and forth between Black Cat and Spider-Man. Peter Parker being on the rebound wants back in the hands of Black Cat however she has great intuition and sees right through him. Peter Parker being kinda desperate is just a fun and humorous situation all in it self. I enjoyed this issue very much. I rate this issue a 4.5 of 5.0 rating.

1=wack, 1.5=falling asleep, 2=below average, 2.5=pick it up a bit, 3= average, 3.5=dope, 4=good, 4.5=excellent, 5=classic


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