duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #675 - Great Heights, Part Two: Partners in Crime review

Wow, that's Adrian Toomes?!

Synopsis: Spidey confronts the new and improved Vulture.

What's Good?

I don't give Adrian Toomes that much credit. I mean, he's an old guy! It's amazing that he's still alive. But I think he realizes that he's old and frail, but he makes up for it with his intellect and manipulation. That's why this new and improved Vulture is way better than Jimmy Natale. And there's something badass about the way he looks currently.

Meanwhile, the Spidey/Carlie hits a new low...or high depending on how you look at it.When Carlie learned that Peter was Spider-Man, her reaction was hasty at best, however now that she's knows his secret and that they are working together on the Vulture case, I get the sense that she understands Peter a bit more. That's why seeing her go to MJ's place to talk at the end is appealing.

What's Bad?

The artwork wasn't perfect in the previous issue, and it's the same with this issue. While the action is great, there's too much focus on the way Giuseppe Camuncoli drew the faces. Almost every character has the same facial structure.

In some ways, I'm disappointed that there's no real conclusion, but in other ways, I'm glad, because it'll be interesting what The Vulture has in store in the future.


This story arc does hint that Vulture have something planed in the future and I'm curious to find out what. This was a great story arc for Adrian Toomes to make a comeback.


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