haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #675 - Great Heights, Part Two: Partners in Crime review

The Adventures of Carlie Cooper and Spider-man

This is a video review for the Amazing Spider-man issue 675. This issue is about Carlie Cooper and Spider-man working together to try and find out how people are dieing from 50 feet above the ground.


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    Oh, The Stories I Can Tell You 0

    I can't say how much it thrills me to say this: I found literally nothing wrong with this issue. It had everything that I love about comics and everything that made me want to read comics in the first place years and years ago. Spider-Man is maybe my favorite character, and after the slight let-down of Spider-Island (though I did like its resolution and the things it changed for all of its crazy confusing plotting) it's great to get back on track. Let's get into the specifics:Great Power: Let's ...

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    A Little Deeper into the Vulture's Arc 0

    What I loved most about this issue is that it was the perfect ASM issue - it starts off with the Spider-humor right away! Also, Carlie is one of the best forensic scientists on the force, so it's nice to see her using her detective skills. As a Peter/MJ shipper who hopes they are meant to be, I was alarmed to see they planted the seeds for Pete and Carlie MAYBE getting back together. At the very least, it's good they can work together at a professional level. I'm reading the FF John Byrne collec...

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