duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #674 - Great Heights, Part One: Trust Issues review

The original Vulture returns

Synopsis: Coming right after Spider-Island, Adrian Toomes makes a comeback.

What's Good?

Dan Slott doesn't waste time giving Peter or anyone else some much needed R&R after Spider-Island. As most people guess already, this is a Vulture storyline, but no, not featuring the new Vulture (the one that like to eat people, by the way, didn't he die?) but the original, Adrian Toomes. Sorry, but you got to appreciate the originals.

While most people have gotten over Spider-Island, some haven't forgotten what having spider-powers gave them: power. That's where a group of teens comes in. They made a deal with the devil (Toomes) to fly, but in return, steal. And if you can pull your weight, well...the first page pretty much answers that. While the police just think it's a high suicidal rate of teens because of no more spider-powers,  Peter and Carlie think something else is behind it. Meanwhile, Kingpin might have some plans of his own for the webslinger.

While I know Humberto Ramos or Stefano Caselli couldn't stay for long after Spider-Island, it is nice to see Spider-Man back to a more realistic look art wise once in a while. Giuseppe Camuncoli 's approach for the artwork is more suited for this kind of story. Body proportions and movement are normal. The only downsize is some of the faces.  

What's Bad?

Peter and Carlie calling it truces. After the last issue, I didn't think Peter and Carlie would talk anytime soon, but now that they're both after the same thing, it's a bit too soon.


The one thing I got to hand the writers for Brand New Day and Big Time: when it comes to Spidey's supervillains, they come back better than ever. With Vulture, it seems like Dan Slott has something big for him in this arc. If you passed on Spider-Island (if you did, shame on you), but want to get back into Spider-Man, this is a good issue to start again.


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