djotaku's The Amazing Spider-Man #674 - Great Heights, Part One: Trust Issues review

Spider-Island Epilogue Part 2

Dan Slott does a good job of using the end of Spider-Island as one of the motivating factors for some characters in this issue. It works pretty well, as if his run on Amazing Spider-Man is one giant story arc made up of mini-story arcs. It's pretty refreshing considering that some of Marvel's other books have such an abrupt discontinuity between story arcs that it's almost as if the previous story arc didn't happen until we need to refer to it again in the future. We have Kingpin lamenting the loss of his Spider-Powers and that leads into something that could either end up affecting this story arc or a subsequent one.

The only thing I don't like is the art. It's too different from the usual and I don't like how Camuncoli draws Carlie. Yeah, Carlie's still around. There's even a possibility that she and Pete get back together after this arc. And that sucks for me because I'm totally an MJ shipper.

You get some intros into who the bad guys for this arc are going to be, but they don't interact with Spider-Man at all this issue.

It's a nice soft entry into the new arc not to be too much of a spoiler, but Vulture doesn't even appear until the last page. Whether or not that makes this issue worth the $3.99 I'm not sure. But it certainly does make for great story-telling.

(BTW - I loved the early reference to The Screwtape Letters)

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