duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #673 - Spider-Island, Epilogue: The Naked City review

The end of Spider-Island

Synopsis: The aftermath of Spider-Island.

What's Good?

Finally, the epilogue of Spider-Island finally comes with a few changes hitting Peter's life and others in the aftermath. First up comes towards Kaine. It finally feels like he has a purpose again instead of popping up once in a while. With Scarlet Spider coming out, I'm pretty excited where Kaine could take the series.

Unfortunately, Pete can't win at everything despite saving New York. The relationship he has with Carlie takes a turn for the worse, and his secret identity is no longer safe compared to before.  And hell, Madam Web revels another cryptic foreshadowing for Peter (that I'm sure will take place around #700). And without anyone else noticing, a returning villain makes his return (but really, did anyone thought that he really died?). Despite what happened with Carlie, I'm glad that Peter didn't immediately went after MJ. Being single for a while shouldn't be too bad for him.  

The ending is really what hit home for me. Throughout the book, I was expecting to see if Spidey would be blamed or praised for what happened, but as someone puts it in this issue, Spidey is no different from anyone else. Spidey has made mistakes in his time, but he has overcome almost every trial that comes his way. It just that Peter puts too much pressure on himself that makes him think that he should be a loner.

With all the work Humberto Ramos put into Spider-Island, I was expecting him to do one more issue, but Stefano Caselli is just as great to wrap up story up. Characters are more realistic looking compared to Ramos' cartoony style, and it really drives some of the important parts in this issue. Seeing MJ with a Spider-man shirt is also a win for me.

What's Bad?

I wasn't expecting Slott to touch on everything in the aftermath of Spider-Man, but it would have been nice to see some of the other tie-ins for this story to have some kind of conclusion, or something else in store. Venom, Cloak and Dagger, I can understand, but with Spider-Girl, I just wasn't really satisfied with the way it concluded.



All good things must come to an end.  When it comes to all the Marvel events taken place this year, Spider-Island is my favorite one. Not only did Dan Slott did a great job with the story, but the other writers with the tie-ins. Seems like the original Vulture might be making a comeback in the next couple of issues, and it might be a good story to take Spider-Island off the mind some.
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